I came up with the idea of Nicole telling stuff about herself. Thanks to ate for sending me this video clip. It made my day. I miss home, I miss you all.

We found out Nicole’s leukemia last 2007. But you can see clearly that she’s healthy now. I think she only has less than ten months of chemotherapy. Thats more than ok, that’s great news!

I really miss her and her funny antics. One time she asked my Father a funny question. She saw a woman dying on HBO. She innocently asks my Tatay (Father)…

Nicole: Lolo, Bakit siya namatay? (Gramps, Why did she die?)

Lolo: Kasi matanda na siya. (Because she’s old)

Nicole: Parang ikaw Lolo? (Just like you gramps?)

Lolo: [in amazement, smiling to himself] Hindi pa (Not yet) [saying it in a funny tone]


She’s a bright girl and Adrian (Her baby boy cuz) can look up to her someday. So without further ado, I would like to present Nicole Rose Glorioso. 🙂

Medyo mahina ang kanyang pasensya sa harap ng camera kaya makikinig ninyo ang ate ko na nagtatanong ng pabulong sa kanya sa background. hehe!