How would you feel if you were betrayed by the person you love, be it a man or a woman?

I was sick today and I decided to ditch work. I needed the comfort and convenience of being near the toilet. I went to the “john” 2 times already and also 2 times to vomit my guts out. Was it the shawarma I ate while walking home? or was it the two cups of tea I took last night before I went to sleep?

It may be both, but there’s a deeper reason why I have to be close to the Toilet. My stomach couldn’t bear the reality that a person can betray another… Especially in the name of “Love”

I’m no expert when it comes to love, but I’m also no fool. Love conquers all fear, but we have to remember, there’s a very thin line between love and hate that we must never cross. It’s real but it is an unspoken truth.

Today I missed work, something I rarely do…

But it was also today that the truth unfolded in front of me. It was a day well spent. It was worth it.

For it wasn’t you who lost when you were betrayed, but the person who betrayed you. He/She lost the only real thing He/She has. And He/She will be the one to carry the burden of guilt.

Trouble may be brewing but I’m not affected. The only thing I like brewed is an ice cold Pale Pilsen or a free hot cup of coffee from Costa at the office. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why did I use such a beautiful flower for this post?

That’s because there’s always something nice bound to happen after the storm.

[Photo caption: A Flower from Lola’s garden at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, Dolores Quezon]

[Oh, kita niyo naman, pag english ang sinulat ko eh walang halong biro. Minsan lang yan! LOL!]