Ito ay pending tag sakin ni MisYel, pasensya na MisYel kung medyo natagalan. hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Rulez: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following.
Your answers have to be real places, names, and things. Nothing made up! ) Use different answers if the person who answered the survey before you had the same initial letter. You canโ€™t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your name

Four words
Maharot, Makulit, Ma-L (linaw) kausap, Mahilig (sa kung anu-ano)

Marseille, France

Boy name

Girl name

Mag-ayos ng mga sirang bagay sa larangang teknikal

Word that describes you the best

Something you can wear
Manila paper (yung kokortehan mo ng hugis sando)

Something found in a kitchen

Name one object that is so valuable to you

Music Player

Something you shout
Mahal na mahal ko kayo kita!!!

Something you do at school
Magpakitang gilas, matulog, mag-cutting classes

Name of a friend/schoolmate

Name of an animal
Manta ray

Name of a drink
Melon Juice

Name of a holiday
Merry Christmas! (kasama yung merry!)

Name of a subject in school

Name of a cousin

Mary Grace

Name of a fast food chain
Mc Dowell’s (yung kalaban ng McDo sa movie na “Coming to America”)

Name of a person youโ€™re crushing or had a crush on
Maloi Siempre!

Name of a food you like


Name of a food you do not like
Mapapait na pagkain

Name of a kidโ€™s toy

Malambot at masarap lamasin na clay

Name of a flowering plant
Mabangong sampaguita (haha!)

Name of a shopping mall
Metro Gaisano

Name of a person you like
Maloi ulit! (hindi naman ako mukhang inlove diba?)

Name of a person you dislike
Madame President

Name of place in your school
Music room

Name of an object in front of you
Marlboro Red

I will TAG the following persons at wala na kayong kawala!:

iFoundme, Nika, Marc, Peach, Geisha