I just got home from Manila, I went to CEU to check on the documents I want authenticated. Indeed the school registrar did a good job because I wasn’t able to claim my TOR and Diploma because she already forwarded it to DFA. Nice job!

Also, I went to the Hospital to accompany my 4 year old niece who is having chemo-theraphy because of her leukemia. The night before I left for Manila, I was chatting with Lex, the author of http://brokenman.wordpress.com/ a blog that I regularly visit for Lex is also a leukemia survivor, and his blog gave me hope.

I have learned to control my feelings whenever I hear children crying because of the bone marrow tests and spinal tapping. Seeing kids in pain is not fun, but it is for their good. A test can say a lot of things about the disease, even if it consists of having a 6 inch needle up your spine or a big solid needle drilling your bone.

Leukemia has been an eye opener for me, my life changed when my niece was diagnosed last February 2008 with Leukemia. We thought we’d lost her but the power of faith, love and prayer kept her alive.

Nicole Rose Glorioso, that is her name. She came to our lives by accident, we were not expecting her. But when she came, she was more than a bundle of joy, she was an “Angel” as if God really wanted her in our lives.

I’ve had my fair share of pain way back 2005 when I broke my leg because of a freak motorcycle accident, I spent 3 days in pain just waiting for the specialist, wore a cast for 3 months and was unable to walk for 30 days after I got rid of my leg cast. But that is just Ant sting compared to what the children I saw in the hospital are experiencing.

If its not too much to ask, please say a little prayer for my niece Nicole and Lex…

If you are more of a daredevil, then I suggest donating blood. That would be a good adrenalin rush for you don’t you think? A lot of people can’t afford to buy blood, I saw that reality when I went to UST hospital last year, just donate, wouldn’t it be nice if you can lengthen somebody else’s life for free? Believe me when I say that you will feel like a million dollars when you do.

Next week, I will be donating blood at UST for somebody I don’t know, That would be one of my many sacrifices this coming holy week, if you want, you can join me, just buzz me using any of my contact details above.

For Nicole, for Lex, and for the others who suffering from Leukemia, this post is for you… 🙂

And this song that I wrote 3 years ago with my friend Meyn is for everyone else who does not lose hope…

Ang title ng kanta ay “kaibigan”, ito ay ine-record ng banda naming “Genuflect” sana po ay maunawaan nyo na ito ay draft lamang at hindi mastered na version kaya palampasin nyo muna ang mga pagkakamali namin at ang mala-plakang kalidad, sana ay magustuhan ninyo… 🙂 click the smiling thumb below…

The best gift is love… the best cure is faith… the best motivation is hope…