Ang post kong ito ay para kay nika ng at dahil English ang tanong ay dapat english din ang sagot ko, ito ang bibinyag sa all-tagalog kong blog. Medyo challenging yung tanong feeling ko tuloy hindi ko kilala ang sarili ko… haha!

“If your life was turned into a book, what would its title be? explain…”

Title: “Crash Test Dummies: Life’s Punching Bag”

Why: I guess my life has all the colors a crayola can create, my life has been a struggle, but most of the time people see me as a happy person. I guess I have a talent in hiding my real emotions, especially when I’m hurt. I have been in and out of depression these past few years, only to find out that those things I’m getting depressed at are just specs of sand, compared to other people who are living their life a day at a time.

I had many “moments” of realization in my life, most of it made me cry and it doesn’t add up when you look at my rugged/punk/rock and roll lifestyle. I’m like a punching bag, taking all the beating that life brings on. But in the end, I see myself smiling, nodding my head, saying to myself “this is just a joke, its not funny but I’m ok…”

I have managed to make all things in my life “fun” even though it would be like hell for others. There are just some few “issues” that I still have to take care of, things that I can’t laugh about.

“You are what your life was and will be. Take control of your life, don’t let life control you.”

Special thanks to Nika for making my nose bleed for 30 minutes just to think of a title! Hahahaha!